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Compassionate Attendant Care for Our Clients

“After my accident earlier this year in January, I required assistance to get around performing my daily tasks. I also needed assistance from someone who could take care of my daughter while I was at the hospital. That was when I contacted Modern Angels Healthcare Agency. They were with me from day one in helping me with my appointments, housekeeping and helping with my daughter and other daily routine tasks. I cannot thank Modern Angels enough for being there when I needed care. I recommend Modern Angels to the community for the quality care they provide! Thank you Modern Angels, you are the best!”

Razaw – North York, ON

“I was in the Hospital for a few days after my accident earlier this year in January and needed assistance when I came back home. I contacted Modern Angels and they provided me with a well trained and certified worker who assisted me with activities of daily living and helped me with housekeeping chores. Modern Angels truly helped me get better during my rehab program and I thank Modern Angels for all this help and care they have provided me. I will recommend Modern Angels to anyone who needs help at home, they provide great workers!”

Juanita – North York, ON

“I was severely injured in the motor vehicle accident last year and I required alot of assistance with mobility. This is where Modern Angels came in to provide me with help. Their staff was really supportive and helpful in my journey to recovery. I thank Modern Angels with all my heart for being there for me and assisting me with everything as well as for all the excellent care they have provide. Thanks Modern Angels!”

Valeriy – Markham, ON

“I thank Modern Angels for the excellent care provided after my accident last year in February. I will certainly recommend Modern Angels to everyone needing assistance!”

Giuseppe – Innisfil, ON

“My father was involved in a motor vehicle accident back in April and required assistance at home to ensure a successful recovery. We contacted Modern Angels and they provided us with the best possible support in form of well qualified and certified workers who were very accommodating to our needs and schedules. Thanks Modern Angels! I recommend Modern Angels to everyone!”

Hojatollah – Markham, ON

“Thanks to Modern Angels for providing me with help when I needed it the most! After my accident I needed personal assistance with my mobility issues. The personal support worker provided to me by Modern Angels helped me out with massages and also other housekeeping duties. I am now pain free and only required assistance when it is really needed, so i want to thank you again Modern Angels for the assistance you have provided me!”

Taramati – Innisfil, ON

“It is all thanks to Modern Angels for being there for me in the time of need and assisting me with my personal health, light housekeeping and even providing assistance with my kids. Modern Angels has truly helped me out so much after my accident that I feel much better now that I have some support and I am able to move around and take care of my kids. Their staff is really friendly and very accommodating to our needs. Thanks again Modern Angels for being there for us!”

Venus – Markham, ON

“I was involved in a Motor Bike accident back in October last year in Huntsville, Ontario. I was really needing help since I was severely injured. We contacted Modern Angels and they helped me out. After hospitalization and coming back home, Modern Angels was able to provide me with a very well experienced worker who was able to help me with bathing, feeding and even help me with cooking meals. The worker was able to take me out to my appointments, outdoor walks and made sure I had my medications in time as prescribed by the doctors. I feel so much better now and be able to get around on my own after all that help provided to me by Modern Angels. So fortunate to have Modern Angels in my life! Thank you Modern Angels!”

Robert – Huntsville, ON

“Thanks to Modern Angels for providing me with personal support and housekeeping support at home. The workers are very professional and punctual and I feel much better having some help at home. I thank Modern Angels for being there for me and I would recommend Modern Angels to anyone and everyone who is in need of help. Please contact Modern Angels!

Yvette – Brampton, ON

“My son was in an accident last year in August and was really needing a lot of help with daily activities of getting him ready for school, preparing meals and cleaning up his room as required. The worker did great. She was really helpful and went the extra mile to make sure that my son was feeling better at all times and was able to focus on his school work as needed. I recommend Modern Angels to everybody needing any help and assistance at home. Thanks again to Modern Angels for being there for us.”

Everton – Brampton, ON

“I would like to thank Modern Angels for all their support and care they have provided me after coming back home from the hospital following the motor vehicle accident. I had various mobility issues and wasn’t able to perform my daily tasks. After contacting Modern Angels, we were able to get the best care possible out there. Modern Angels immediately provided me with the help I needed to recover from my injuries. Their professional and friendly staff assisted me with setting up a care plan and a schedule which was crucial for my recovery process. I would like to recommend Modern Angels to anyone and everyone needing care and companionship, they really go out of the way to help you out. Thank you Modern Angels for everything you do and wish you good-luck in your future endeavours!”

Sangeeta – North York, ON

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