Providing Healthcare using the Latest Best Practices

Our vision is to provide quality, individualized Attendant care, enhancing the client’s quality of life.

Compassionate Attendant Care

We believe that we touch people's lives every day through our caring ways, loving support and professional expertise. At Modern Angels, we strive to help our clients feel comfortable and respected by minimizing their vulnerability. We work to empower our clients by honouring their voice and choice in care. Through our person-centred approach, Modern Angels improves the quality of life in others. Our staff are knowledgeable, dedicated, caring and compassionate healthcare providers.

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Respectful Collaboration With Attendant Care

We are built on a foundation of respect, ensuring all team members are included and have a sense of belonging. Working as a team and with your team is key to providing successful outcomes for patients. In this, we facilitate ongoing collaboration and communication between the patient, caregivers, facilities and family members. We honour the differences between us, value every person we encounter and work with, and we acknowledge that respectful behaviour makes a difference in our lives and work.

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Best Practices Attendant Care

We continuously educate our workers on the latest Best Practices in Ontario. From preventing skin breakdowns to caring for the highly aggressive, ensuring correct medications are administered and managing clients with diabetes and more — we stay up to date and up to practice.

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